The project

The Project

Launched in 2019 with the campaign #CoolLikeMom, the Beyond Looks X Reitmans Project brings together the causes we hold close to our heart, and embodies one of our dearest wishes as a brand: to create a social platform with a mission to help young generations pave their way towards a promising future.

As a leading womenswear brand in Canada, we continue our commitment to these causes by going above and beyond looks. More specifically, we are committed to helping young leaders of our future build their self-confidence and realize their full potential and dreams.

From self-acceptance and healthy body image to gender equality, the Beyond Looks X Reitmans Project addresses topics we find important, while highlighting the key pillars of our identity:

Diversity, Inclusivity, and Authenticity.

From conversation to action!

Reitmans honours native land

We honour the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by paying tribute to this ancestral land and we acknowledge the Indigenous names or territories of some of the locations that are home to many of our stores. We are also making a $5,000 donation to the Centre Unicura on behalf of Shina Nova, who’s a strong advocate for the cause and one of our Fall campaign ambassadors.

The project

Our Promise

Each and every day, we celebrate diversity,
inclusivity and authenticity in all its forms.

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Wear your support

7 voices helping 7 causes

Seven Canadian ambassadors created their own t-shirt
design in support of seven great charities. Thanks to your
support, we reached our goal.

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The project

Giving Tuesday campaign

For the holiday season, we support
The Canadian Women’s Foundation.

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The project

Girls leading the way

Together, let’s create a world where young
women can unleash their full potential.

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The project

Let’s thrive together
with confidence!

In celebration of Mother’s Day 2019, we are proud
to have supported girls’ empowerment across Canada.

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The project

You are Reitwoman

To celebrate the International Day of all Women, we are
temporarily changing our name in honour of every woman.
Join the fun and celebrate the amazing woman you are!

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The project

For a brighter tomorrow

Over the years, we have changed the way we work,
created new products, implanted new strategies
and processes. Follow our journey.

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The project

7 diverse voices.
7 meaningful patterns

Seven inspiring women created a pattern reflecting who they
are and their unique cultural background to support a
cause that is close to their heart.

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Black History Month

A creative gift just for you

In 2022, we collaborated with Montreal artist Kezna Dalz to
create four beautiful illustrations inspired by Black
women’s uplifting quotes of empowerment,
self-love and inclusivity. We also supported the
Federation of Black Canadians with a donation.

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