our promise

our promise

45% of women

say their weight has a negative impact
on their self-esteem.

22% of women

say weight management
dominates their life.

Diversity and inclusivity make us stronger.

“I am too fat”
“I am too skinny”
“I hate my hips”
“I am ugly”

Every day, we hear these words in our store fitting rooms. However, we believe that each one of our customers is a source of inspiration just the way she is, no matter her age, size, and origin.

As a leading Canadian fashion brand, we are committed to changing these negative thoughts and false perceptions by actively celebrating authenticity in all its forms.

“I am too fat” “I am too skinny” “I hate my hips” “I am ugly”

“I am unique”
“I am proud”
“I am confident”
“I am beautiful”

This is what we hope to hear not only in our fitting rooms, but also from all women and girls across the country.

Together, let’s make diversity and inclusivity our signature.

“I am unique” “I am proud” “I am confident” “I am beautiful”

Our daily promise

•  Diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of our campaigns (age, size, origin)

•  Our models’ body shapes are free of retouching

•  We offer our customers personalized tips in-store

•  Our fits meet the needs and reality of Canadian women

•  Our clothes come in a variety of fits and sizes in-store and online XXS to 3X, 0 to 22, Regular, Petite, and Tall

Our daily promise

Jackie Tardif, the president of the Reitmans brand, leads a passionate team that’s committed to these values all year round.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Self-love can be a long journey. This journey starts with learning to accept what makes us different and unique. Together, let’s stand for who we really are and celebrate the beauty of our authenticity.


Post a photo or a Story of you without filters or retouching, and tell us what you love most about yourself. It could also be your best tip for self-acceptance!

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