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Social Responsibility

Going Beyond Looks

As leaders in Canadian retail, we pledge our commitment to go above and beyond looks through our cause marketing initiatives.
We strive to advocate for the causes closest to our hearts with our three key pillars.

Two women hugging and laughing.


At Reitmans, we believe in celebrating our individual differences through an inspiring, fashion-forward wardrobe. Every woman is a source of inspiration just the way she is — no matter her age, size, and origin.

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting Canadian women with an inclusive and positive shopping experience for our customers, our employees and our community.

A stack of knit sweaters in neutral colours.


As a leading Canadian fashion brand, we strive to represent our core values in all that we do.

Advocating for equality, inclusivity, diversity is how we’re leading a change in the fashion industry toward a more inclusive and sustainable future.

A woman in a trench-coat laughing on a walk.


We choose to honour authenticity every day, and we’re committed to making real, lasting changes by using our brand voice to address the topics we find important.

Respect, empowerment and equality are fundamental to our culture: these principles are part of our DNA and they motivate every decision we make.

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