Say Goodbye to Your Tailor!

Continue reading to see what makes our
Petite and Tall collections so supreme.
Available in the most extensive size
range from XXS to 3X, 0 to 22.

Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites

Don’t compromise your true fit. No matter your height or size, we are committed to helping you and every woman’s beauty shine through. That’s why we’ve created sizes specially for your silhouette, tailored and trimmed in all the right places, for all your favourite styles.


Recommended for 5’8” and above.
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Recommended for 5’4” and under.
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Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites


Our brilliant model Grece
is 5’2’’ and wears size XS in tops
and size 0 and XS for pants.

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Petite & Mighty

Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites

Not just shorter. Our Petite collection, just like you, is much more than that. It’s Petite and mighty, packing in the expertly trimmed, adjusted, and proportioned fits for women who are 5’4” and under.

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Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites
  • Proportionately adjusted rise at the waist
  • Shorter inseam by 2” (5 cm)
  • Slightly raised knee level for the pants to fall perfectly
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Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites
  • Bust length shorter by 2” (5 cm)
  • Raised waist and sleeve level
  • Higher armholes
  • Shorter sleeves
  • Depth of neckline reduced by ¼’’ (0.6 cm)
  • Proportionately adjusted details such as prints, insertions, pleats according to style
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Say Goodbye to Your Tailor. Shop petites

Witness the Difference

Now that you know the full length we go to ensure every single detail fits right, it’s time you tried it for yourself. Perfect fit doesn’t have to be a miracle anymore. It can become your reality with our Petite collection!

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