We would like to take a step back and reflect on our world. We believe it is important to stand together and to support people in need. In many parts of the world, a lot of people are still deprived of their fundamental rights.

Given the current circumstances, we have decided to donate $5,000 to the Canadian Red Cross. This organization helps both Canadian communities and people around the world in times of need.

Canadian Red Cross

If you can, we also encourage you to donate resources or to give your time to a cause close to your heart. ​Every action counts and together we can make a difference. Let’s continue to speak up for a better world.

To celebrate the International Day of ALL Women, we are temporarily changing our name in honour and recognition of every woman. It has been a tradition for us in the last two years and we believe that it is a way of showing our recognition to all the women who inspire us daily with their strength and resilience.

Reitwoman logo

Inclusivity, diversity and authenticity are values close to our heart and with our movement #ReitmansReallyYou we celebrate & empower women in everything that we do.

Over the years, we’re proud to have been able to help women through our initiatives and donations. Today, we are happy to donate $5,000 to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Canadian Women’s Foundation

Celebrating & supporting women, every day of the year.

At RCL, we are proud to have a strong female representation across our associates, at all levels, from coast-to-coast. Our workforce is composed of 99% women. Plus, they are inspiring and passionate leaders, with 87% of female at the helm of our brand (director level and up). We are also proud to say that we have launched an internal mentoring program among our associates and leaders.

Learning Together

Learning Together

We believe in growth and development and we strive to expand our offering. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, we have launched several initiatives to help our associates learn more on these important topics. Discover an overview:

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Become a brand ambassador, share your inspiring stories and embrace diversity and self-acceptance through our movement #ReitmansReallyYou.

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