Another day, another step forward. At Reitmans, we know the work is never done. We’re still at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but we want the commitments that we make as an organization to truly mean something and to represent our purpose of creating a brighter tomorrow.

This year, we want to give back in ways that support the improvement of our environment and recognize the importance of social welfare. Both go hand in hand with contributing to the overall health of our planet and resonate with our goals.

This is why we work to raise awareness to protect not only the Earth, but also the people that live on it every day. As a result, we're pulling up our sleeves and donating our time to activities and causes that will help make our Earth a greener, cleaner place to live.

Last April and May, our Reitmans division contributed their time to the following organizations:

Two people picking up trash in a park.

We cleaned the streets and public spaces around our neighbourhood in partnership with Ville en Vert in Montreal. (@ville.en.vert)

A woman sorting donated clothing at a thrift store.

We organized and sorted through donation boxes at a local thift store called Friperie Cartier Émilie. (@friperie.cartier.emilie)

A blonde woman replanting a tree in a park.

We got our hands dirty by planting trees in partnership with Soverdi. (@soverdimtl)

Our goal is to make a longer-lasting impact on an overall better world, and we know that this is just the first of many volunteer initiatives.

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