Contour Padded T-Shirt Bra, Sizes G & H

Item No: 431485
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Item No: 431485
Get the full coverage you are looking for in this basic contour padded underwire bra. Also available in regular cup sizes.

Fit & Cup:
- Underwire support
- Molded foam cups
- Breathable mesh wings with side boning

Straps & Hooks:
- Adjustable straps with limited stretch and high quality metal rings & sliders
- 4 hook-and-eye closure
- U-back for all-day comfort

- Invisible under tops
  • 82% Nylon, 18% elastane
  • Imported
  • Hand wash, lukewarm water. Wash similar colors together.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Hang to dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Dry clean.

Extended Lingerie Size Guide

Size conversion chart
X 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36
Bust 39 ½100 41104 42 ½108 44112 46117 48122 50127 52132 54137 56142 58147 60152 62157 64162
Waist 32 ½82 3486 35 ½90 3794 3999 41104 43109 45114 47119 49124 51129 53134 55140 57145
Hips 41 ½105 43109 44 ½113 46117 48122 50127 52132 54137 56142 58147 60152 62157 64162 66167
Bust Waist Hips
X 10 39 ½100 32 ½82 41 ½105
12 41104 3486 43109
1X 14 42 ½108 35 ½90 44 ½113
16 44112 3794 46117
2X 18 46117 3999 48122
20 48122 41104 50127
3X 22 50127 43109 52132
24 52132 45114 54137
4x 26 54137 47119 56142
28 56142 49124 58147
5x 30 58147 51129 60152
32 60152 53134 62157
6x 34 62157 55140 64162
36 64163 57145 66167
*All sizes measured in inches. Click here to convert to centimeters
*All sizes measured in cm. Click here to convert to inches
How to take your measurements

Measurement does not pertain to bra size. Wrap a tape measure under arms, keeping the tape comfortably loose. Measure around the fullest part of the bust. Ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.


Keeping the tape measure comfortably loose, measure around the smallest area of your waist.


With feet together, keeping the tape measure comfortably loose, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of the hips.


Stand with your shoes on and measure from the crotch to the bottom of the shoe.

Bras size chart

All measurements are listed in inches.

Cup size
Band size +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
33-34 34DD 34DDD 34G 34H
35-36 36DD 36DDD 36G 36H
37-38 38C 38D 38DD 38DDD 38G 38H
39-40 40B 40C 40D 40DD 40DDD 40G 40H
41-42 42B 42C 42D 42DD 42DDD 42G 42H
43-44 44B 44C 44D 44DD 44DDD 44G 44H
45-46 46B 46C 46D 46DD 46DDD 46G 46H
47-48 48C 48D 48DD 48DDD
49-50 50C 50D 50DD 50DDD
51-52 52C 52D 52DD 52DDD
How to take your measurements
Step 1 - Band Size

Measure the smallest part of your ribcage (Be sure to keep the tape parallel to the floor!) Uneven number? Round up! This is your band size.

Step 2 - Bust Size

Measure around the fullest part of your bust.

Step 3 - Cup Size

Subtract the bust size measure from the band size measure. The difference corresponds to the letter associated to your cup size as indicated in the chart.

Your bra size corresponds to the letter and to your band size.

Item No: 431485
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Ratings & Reviews

You Changed them :(


The width of the straps and the back closure have both been reduced. For full figured bras, this is very disappointing. Wish they would have stayed the same.


Porters Lake, Nova Scotia


These bra's are a life saver


I love them - been buying them for years - yes the wires do pop out after about 6 months of DAILY use, i personably think that's still worth it AS I USE TO PAY $100 for ONE bra that would last me the same amount of time . SO HAPPY with them




Wires come out


Although these bras seem very nice at first and they are… comfortable and do their job by supporting what needs to be supported but the huge problem after having bought many different colours is the wire always ( in every single one) ends up popping out making them unbearable to wear.



Save your $$


Each time I've purchases this bra, the wires pop out at the side and the trim comes undone. Save your money to purchase another bra!



First online purchase


Fits perfect, and great price! Couldn't be happier


Halifax, NS


Extremely uncomfortable


While it's great that this bra came in an H cup which is difficult to find, it's too uncomfortable to wear. I was hoping that it would soften up a bit but the straps sit too far over on the shoulders causing the armpit area to dig in uncomfortably (yes, it's the correct size). The wire is different than my other bras from here and digs in also. I usually don't find bras uncomfortable, but I can't stand wearing this one.




like the crossover contour and t-shirt


I have been wearing the country bra for years and the t-shirt bras do not suit my chest shape so this is a great bra for me. I get the coverage of a t-shirt bra and the fit of the contour. Though i am used to the thin bra straps - i do agree that they could be a bit thicker or padded for comfort - especially on a t-shirt bra. Overall i would recommend this as a reasonably priced decent bra - but you really have to try them on to find out if they work for you. (I wear a black H42 but can also squeeze into the H40).

Blind Fashionista



Wire Comes Out


Comfortable bra, looks great on, but the wire comes out too soon! Not a cheap bra, so I expect it to last longer before the wire comes out!




I will buy this product again


the best one, will not buy anything else


new brunwick


Once was my favorite bra...


This bra was the best fitting bra that I'd ever tried on. I absolutely loved the shape and support it gave. I've bought many of the same type over the years only to come to the sad realization that now I have to stop. In recent years, the underwire seemed to pop out sooner and sooner into owning a bra. I take care of my undergarments, washing them in special laundry bags and hanging them carefully to dry. I thought maybe I had the odd poor quality bra until it eventually came to the point of me only getting a few wears out of a bra that appears completely brand new before the underwire pokes out. The quality is now abysmal. They are absolutely not worth my money anymore. I'm so disappointed because I've yet to find a similar fitting bra of decent quality.

J. B.



Contour Padded T-Shirt Bra, Sizes G & H

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