Second edition 21 day hyba challenge


Many of us are looking for a little extra inspiration and distraction to stay calm and centered. Hyba is here to help you take a breath, take a beat, and focus on you for a moment.

The Hyba 21-Day Challenge was created to inspire you on a daily basis, but in the current context, why not take a minute for your health and well-being, wherever you are and whenever you like.

Stay physically and mentally fit from the comfort of your home with videos that offer exercises, nutritional info and tips for your general well-being. Watch it solo, with your children or even share with your telecommunity. We’re all in this together, so let’s stay connected.

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Build your confidence

Build your confidence

Confidence is a key issue for women. In this series we’ll work on ways to feel great about who we are. Every video will be a step towards boosting our confidence and reclaiming our true self.

Build your power

Build your power

Power comes from within. In this series, we will focus on how to tap into the power we already have, and build on it to get the most out of all that life has to offer.

Build your strength

Build your strength

In this series we will work on strengthening our bodies. We’ll discover ways to get strong and stay strong without spending hours at the gym. And we’ll look at how that means pushing our limits while respecting our bodies.

Meet your coach

Meet your coach

Get moving with fitness enthusiast Catherine Martin as she shares her tricks to stay motivated.

Week 1

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Video week 01 day 01 Play

Day 1: Get energized

Get all set for a productive week ahead with Catherine and her guest participants. Prepare your body with soft and dynamic movements!

Video week 01 day 02 Play

Day 2: Let's Get Active - Part 1

Time to get moving. Here are three exercises that will get your heart rate up and make you feel like you can take on the world.

Video week 01 day 03 Play

Day 3: Let's Get Active - Part 2

Are you overexerting yourself when you exercise? Or taking it too easy? Catherine has a trick to help you find your sweet spot.

Video week 01 day 04 Play

Day 4: Morning Routine

Start the day off right with an invigorating morning routine. Get ready to feel the energy flowing!

Video week 01 day 05 Play

Day 5: Let's Get Active - Part 3

Ready to keep moving? Today is all about being aware of the benefits that physical activity has on our energy levels.

Video week 01 day 06 Play

Day 6: Evening Routine

Turn off the screens and sink into the moment. This evening routine is the ideal way to unwind.

Video week 01 day 07 Play

Day 7: More Than a Breath of Fresh Air

O2, oxygen… whatever you call it, fresh air invigorates both the body and the mind.

Week 2

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Video week 02 day 08 Play

Day 8: Get Revitalized

To get revitalized, there’s nothing better than a healthy diet. Catherine helps us with a little food prep.

Video week 02 day 09 Play

Day 9: A Well-Toned Back

Ready to get a strong and flexible back? Today is upper body time!

Video week 02 day 10 Play

Day 10: A Strong Lower Body

Our legs and glutes are precious allies when they’re in good shape. Time for a little strength training.

Video week 02 day 11 Play

Day 11: Ab Time!

You can strengthen your abdominal muscles pretty much anywhere—even at the office.

Video week 02 day 12 Play

Day 12: Arms to the Rescue

Simple and effective exercises that tone your arms and make daily tasks easier.

Video week 02 day 13 Play

Day 13: All About Legs

When your legs are solid, you feel stronger. Today we give them our full attention.

Video week 02 day 14 Play

Day 14: Your Centre of Energy

Did you know? Your tummy plays a huge role in your overall vitality.

Week 3

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Video week 03 day 15 Play

Day 15: Reaching a Zen State

Physical exertion is a great way to clear your head. Here’s to mindfulness!

Video week 03 day 16 Play

Day 16: A Revitalizing Flow

An active routine that stretches, tones and leaves you feeling great. You deserve this.

Video week 03 day 17 Play

Day 17: Zen in the Morning

Setting your worries aside and connecting to the moment helps create a feeling of calm.

Video week 03 day 18 Play

Day 18: Zen in the Evening

Trouble sleeping? Catherine suggests two poses that help the nervous system relax.

Video week 03 day 19 Play

Day 19: Zen at Work

Mantra: Today I will be relaxed and focused at work. I have the inner resources to handle any pressure the day throws my way.

Video week 03 day 20 Play

Day 20: Spa at Home

Carving out moments for yourself starts with small gestures that can make all the difference. Me time starts now.

Video week 03 day 21 Play

Day 21: Have It All

Catherine shares her favourite exercises: a full body workout well worth repeating.

Video week 03 day 22 Play

Day 22: Time to Celebrate

You’ve put in so much effort over the last few weeks. Now it’s time to celebrate your success.

Any form of exercise entails a risk of physical injury. You assume any and all risk of physical injury which may result from any physical activity you may voluntarily undertake by viewing of these videos.