Many of us are looking for a little extra inspiration and distraction to stay calm and centered. Hyba is here to help you take a breath, take a beat, and focus on you for a moment.

The Hyba 21-Day Challenge was created to inspire you on a daily basis, but in the current context, why not take a minute for your health and well-being, wherever you are and whenever you like.

From yoga moves to exercises to release tension while at your computer, these videos work with you during this unprecedented time to help you stay present and positive. Watch it solo, with your children or even share with your telecommunity. We’re all in this together, so let’s stay connected.

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Hyba challenge


Confidence is a key issue for women. In this series we’ll work on ways to feel great about who we are. Every video will be a step towards boosting our confidence and reclaiming our true self.



Power comes from within. In this series, we will focus on how to tap into the power we already have, and build on it to get the most out of all that life has to offer.



In this series we will work on strengthening our bodies. We’ll discover ways to get strong and stay strong without spending hours at the gym. And we’ll look at how that means pushing our limits while respecting our bodies.

Week 1

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Week 2

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Week 3

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Any form of exercise entails a risk of physical injury. You assume any and all risk of physical injury which may result from any physical activity you may voluntarily undertake by viewing of these videos.